The Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Sorocaba has a curricular structure that integrates teaching and research, with the central goal of training researchers, educators and administrators for the relevant healthcare needs of today.

The program has a concentration area in Drugs and Health, composed of two lines of research: Rational Drug Use and Assessment of Bioactive Substances and Drug Release Systems.

Assessment of Bioactive Substances and Drug Release Systems covers the following: research and characterization of biological, pharmacological, and toxicological activities in natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic organic substances; the development, optimization and quality control of drugs. It aims to develop projects related to the study of new formulations, bioavailability and delivery systems for drugs, as well as quality control of drugs and medicines, studies of physicochemical and microbiological properties, and development of analytical methods of dosage and biological assessment.

Rational Drug Use includes the appropriate prescription of and access to pharmaceutical products, in addition to dispensation under appropriate conditions, and the consumption of safe and effective drugs in the recommended doses, intervals and time periods. It requires specific and up-to-date knowledge on the part of medical professionals and in the understanding of the patient concerning the importance of adherence to treatment. This line of research includes projects that aim to offer subsidies for the appropriate use of drugs, focused on information, basic research and clinical care, as well as the appropriate use of medicines by the Brazilian Unified Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS).


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